Carton Structures—Humble Beginnings

This work began when I was able to get scored flat blanks for paper cartons from the company, Carton Services, in the Midwest. I was able to draw on the flat blanks before they got bent, assembled and glued.

The inspiration for the work began when I was buying our survival food supply just before the coronavirus arrived in the Hudson Valley. I sensed how valuable food is, since we weren’t sure about its availability in the immediate future. A pasta box had a hole cut in it so you could see the pasta inside. I started working with this box, aware of the amazing process where food comes to us prepackaged and ready to cook or eat.

This was in alignment with my interest in humble materials for artwork. In the previous year, I had used Kleenex tissues as my primary material for making color-studies.

You can see the development that occurred as I worked in this fashion.