(A Coronavirus Initiated Project)


CASH BY MAIL is a year-long interactive art project that offers the opportunity to engage with me (an internationally recognized artist at a mature stage of his career) directly and personally. My work is in numerous museum collections including, New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, among others. Hundreds of thousands of people have viewed my works in public collections, but it’s rare - particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic - that we have the chance to meet and speak to one another directly. CASH BY MAIL makes that possible.

What's Involved

Four of my unique paper artworks are be delivered by mail on a quarterly basis. These consist of a painting, a booklet/work (including your childhood photo images), a free-standing sculpture and something yet to be determined.

Every three months participants can be a part of this “art community” via a Zoom meeting, in which I facilitate interesting discussions amongst the participants. Each meeting focuses on a specific aspect of the role that art plays in each of our lives. These meetings provide a unique opportunity to share their thoughts about art, and hear what others think - participating in the conversation.

In order to develop a true sense of community, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 10 people. The second Cash by Mail group began in 2021. They’ve received their first artwork and experienced the first group Zoom meeting in March.

Artist's Statement

Photo Credit: Dan Rous

“The new normal of our world presents unprecedented challenges, especially for artists. When COVID-19 began in our country and mortality became palpable, I began making and sending unique art-cards to friends and family. I wanted them to know that I cared about them and art has always been my most effective way of reaching out to people.

After six weeks, inspiration took over and something shifted with these cards. Portraits began to appear, cards joined papers of different sizes and weights, and holes, mirrors and glass were incorporated. The cards became booklets. As this new work evolved, so did an understanding of my intentions.

I want to touch people through my art, and I also want more direct connection and communication with people who own and appreciate this work. As I became more aware of my goals, an idea emerged regarding how this might be accomplished, and so, CASH BY MAIL was born."

— Sydney Cash, 2020

Artwork For Second Quarter Incorporating Childhood Photos