Flutex Glass Wall Sculptures

In the early 1980's I began to use Flutex, an industrial pattern sheet glass, as a large-scale lenticular screens. There was a 4" focal length behind the 1" wide vertical flutes. A line pattern mounted parallel behind and parallel to the glass sheet turned into fascinating kinetic patterns when the viewer moved. Because the distance between our eyes caused each eye to see a different pattern, the brain became confounded. But if I was able to let go of having to understand what I was seeing and could allow the brain to simply perceive the two images at once, something hypnotic and psychedelic occurred. I began calling this experience seeing with unfocused vision. It was different from my usual intellectually aware seeing.

My new comfort with this kind of visual experience opened up a new world of "Being Seeing". It led to heightened self-awareness. My previous meditative practices had consisted of sitting meditation and walking meditation. Now seeing meditation became an exciting new exploration.

In 2023, I began revisiting the Flutex material, and with dynamic multicolor imagery. And in 2024, I began installing internal lighting in these scultpures.

Petit Tsunami #7, 1987, 10 x 12 x 4”

Ivan Ran Down to the Reservoir, in the Rain, Barefoot and alone, 1987, 11 x 12 x 4”

Charm, 1986, 10 x 12 x 4”

Julian is Living with 5 Women, 1987, 12 x 20 x 4”

Three Part Invention, 1987, 30 x 16 x 4”

Not Tags Back, 1987, 23 x 17.5 x 4”

The Fire Within, 1987, 12 x 20 x 4”

Positive Inclination, 1987, 24 x 20 x 4”

House on the Prairie, 1988,9 x 12 x 4”

Three Word Sentence, 1987