Poured Paintings

I'm drawing with a continuous line of wet industrial oil-paint that pours out of the cut corner of a plastic baggy. One of the things that interests me about this style of painting is the quality of engagement with controlling of the paint. Its like Japanese brush painting. The challenge is to actually be present in body, mind and movement as the white form is poured/drawn onto the black paper. I try to slow down time, to be able to both see and allow what's happening, as it’s happening. Later when the paint is dry, there's time to contemplatively weave and animate the form.

Narcissistic Shell #6, 2009, 35” x 23”  - featured on the cover of Chronogram Magazine, December 2009

Black Patched Psyche, 2009, 35” x 23”

All Guts, 2009, 

Aliveness Egg, 2009, 23” x 17.5”

Heart #2, 2009, 23” x 17.5” - featured on the cover of Parabola Magazine, Spring 2010

Cube A, 2009, 23”x 17.5”

Theory of Holes #8, 2009

Swizzle, 2009, 17.5” x 11.5””

Structural vapor, 2011, 23” x 13”